Fun (English) web sites.

I was looking for links for school.

One of them I found, Book a Minute is fun. It has a classics library with the plot line summarized in something that can be read in a minute. Imagine, you can read through it all in an hour or so, all the great classics.

The same host site has a “crazy libs”, like Mad Libs, for lots of books. You fill in the missing information and they give you a section from the book with your additions. It was pretty fun. (English teacher kind of fun, but fun. If you have to practice your grammar, it's much more interesting doing it with CrazyLibs.)

I found other information which is vital for teaching Gulliver's Travels. For instance, the billiards cue was invented just nine years before the publication of GT. Before that, the balls were hit with a small mace.

I spent a lot of time surfing the net for GT related things. And I still didn't get a whole three hours worth of lecture material. For which my students are very grateful.

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