States' Rights

We went to war over the issue of whether or not the states could make different laws than the federal government. Apparently not everyone remembers that.

The federal government says that marijuana is an illegal drug. You would think that would mean it was illegal everywhere in the US, right? Apparently that's only technically correct.

California, which is part of the US, has declared that it is okay to use pot, for medical purposes. They have made a law that it's okay to grow pot, for medical purposes. Recently a pot grower was arrested. He was tried and convicted. But even the more right wing presses mentioned something that none of the jury members knew. He was growing pot for medical purposes in California.

I thought the Civil War determined that the federal government could make a law that individual states could disagree with all they wanted, but they couldn't do anything about it. States' rights are supposed to be subservient to the federal government.

So who the heck has let California get away with this? Why hasn't this been an issue in the press? Is marijuana more important than an issue that thousands of Americans died for? Does the press think that Americans care more about drugs than they care about the government?

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  1. Salon had a comment on the fact that a number one Country music hit was about 9/11 as an excuse to go to war with Iraq. Actually, Worley wrote the song about the Afghanistan situation after spending 8 days there with US service personnel.

    Didn't say a thing about Hussein and Iraq.

    Hate it when people complain about stuff that's not true.

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