The War to come

I am against war in principle. I think that if we can avoid killing people, we should. That does not mean I am against this war.

Saddam Hussein has been ignoring UN rules and laws for the last ten years. Why do we expect him to start obeying them now? He isn't going to.

Here's one pro-war site.

Here's a site giving reasons on both sides .

Did you know that this UN resolution is not the second but the 19th?

1 thought on “The War to come

  1. Consider yourself lucky. I've started a new book every couple of months due to getting distracted, new idea, etc…etc… I must get about 1/3 of the way in, then think of a new idea and start a new one. At least you've got one thing going. I'm going to end up with a compilation of unfinished stories. All plot – no ending!

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