Single dads are hot items

Apparently on the dating/marrying scene, guys who have children and are paying child support and/or visiting their children regularly are more likely to have a new relationship than men who don't have kids or who don't pay child support and/or visit their kids.

There's a motivation for paying child support. “Get more dates if you pay!”

A study about single parents shows that Dad's relationship is helped by having kids. However, Mother's relationships are hampered. This is probably because Dads are most often the visiting parents. Having kids may be a sign to other women that the guy is willing to settle down. Apparently guys don't need/want a sign that women will settle down. (What a surprise!?) Also, being a single parent is a HUGE strain and may keep Moms too busy to meet anyone else.

It always amazes me that we have to do studies to find this stuff out. But, I guess, sometimes what we think and what actually is AREN'T the same.

2 thoughts on “Single dads are hot items

  1. So whats the consensus for those single fathers with custody of their kids? How are they perceived by women? I suppose what Im asking is “is it the caring side of a parent with the freedom of not actually having them to prevent dates” etc. And likewise how are women who dont have custody of their kids perceived in the same way or is their a stigma attached?


  2. Oh, God, time and inspiration are worse than Hatfield and McCoy. You will hardly ever get the two to agree.
    And don't worry about the side stories. There's no novel police enforcing writing the story from beginning to end in order. As long as all the pieces are there in the end, it doesn't matter what you are writing, as long as you are writing.

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