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I've had several different guys tell me that they think about sex pretty much 24/7. I've had a few tell me that they are constantly thinking, “I'd like to have sex with her.” or not, whenever they see a woman in public. I've had one guy tell me, no, he doesn't think about sex all the time. But most who I've asked said they did.

I want to know if there are women (out of the teens) out there, any or a lot or all, who see a guy and just think, “Ooh, I'd love to kiss him.” (Or whatever.) And I'm not talking about someone you know, someone you have a relationship with, some friend. I'm talking random guy walking by in a restaurant.

I love sex. But I don't look at a guy and think, “What kind of package has he got?” or anything like that.

I wonder if that is my generation, my upbringing, just me, or is it common?

Recently I've read a couple of books where the women are thinking like that. And I'm wondering if a guy wrote the books.

I don't know of anyone who thinks that way, but most of my girlfriends have had past traumas (abuse or assault) and don't like sex at all. So I don't really have a large group I could ask.

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  1. I've had this conversation with my wife and friends many times. I believe that male hormones do drive men to think about sex way too much. I think back in my own past and I'm alarmed at how many of my decisions were made on the basis of “if I was going to get laid or not”.I have met a few women who really love sex but even so are able to behave better than men. I believe that half of the challenge for a man is overcoming his natural sexual drive and balancing it with his life.My wife believes this doesn't happen until a man reaches 40.


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