Numbers and nonsense

Twenty Questions – Wednesday 9th April 2003: Numbers & Feelings

1.? How old are you? 40+

2.? How many brothers & sisters do you have? 3

3.? How many first cousins do you have? 17

4.? How long have you been in your current relationship? 14 years

5.? How old were you when you had your first girlfriend/boyfriend? aside from 1st grade, 23

6.? Approximately how many pairs of shoes do you own? 6

7.? How many rooms are there in your house? 12 or so, does the entryway count? What about the room over the garage?

8.? How long have you lived in your current house? 2 years

9.? How long have you been 'online' (years)? 10 years

10. How long have you worked for your current employer? God- a long time, my children-12 years, college- 1 year, homeschool coop-1 year

11.? What makes you happy? my hubbie, my boys, sunsets, wind, trees, flowers, riding a bike, reading a book, learning new things

12.? What makes you sad? reading a depressing book, burning dinner, the boys fighting, my husband depressed

13.? What makes you angry? the boys fighting, people saying things that aren't so, people being ugly to each other

14.? What makes you laugh? my husband, my dad, my boys

15.? What makes you cry? sad movies, happy movies, sad books, happy books, sad stories, happy stories, loneliness, emotional pain

16.? What makes you feel helpless? knowing something bad is going on and being unable to do anything about it

17.? What are you passionate about? education, family, God

18.? What do you worry about? education, finances, God

19.? What scares you? I feel like the answer should be God, just to continue the theme, but… scary movies. What if scenarios? People I don't know coming up and touching me.

20.? What makes you feel sick? not taking my vitamins, not getting enough protein, not getting exercise, not eating on time, not getting enough sleep

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  1. u r just giving some questions for the Oral Exam of my class next week! thanks!


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