Palm Sunday

Not being of a background to have an ecclesiastical high church calendar handy and having missed Sunday service for the last two weeks, we were a bit surprised to find the parking lot of our church full this morning. It was, of course, Palm Sunday. And for service, to celebrate, they had a play covering the whole of passion week. (Palm Sunday through the resurrection.) It was an excellent play, with different songs- some of which I knew and some which I didn't.

There is actually a series of plays from the 11th and 12th centuries for this week, but they didn't do those.

The boys enjoyed the whole presentation. My husband said he had been a bit discouraged about the lily white skin of the actors from our church. But then he actually looked at them and many were black, Hispanic, and Asian. He just hadn't noticed. (Does that mean he is becoming color blind?)

The hardest thing was I had hurt my knee and we went up two flights of stairs and down another to get to our seats, since we were on time and this was the morning for coming early, apparently.

After church, my husband went into the adjacent building for the blood drive and the boys and I went into the gym for an Easter Egg hunt. I think they did not do as well as they would have liked, since their bags weren't full. But they had fun and got junk to eat. They said I could have their eggs to do a hunt with my little ones (age 3) on Thursday.

I do know what day Thursday is, Maundy Thursday, though I don't know what the word means. However, a few years ago I was invited, with some friends, to stay up all night and pray. We did. We prayed for the nation, for our church, for our friends and family. Mostly we prayed aloud. Sometimes we prayed silently. We also sang some praise songs. Then everyone else went to work and I went home to take care of my boys. Thursday is the night that Jesus was betrayed after being in the garden praying all night.

Good Friday is Friday of course. I don't have class that day.

I also don't have class on Saturday. That's not good, since I had scheduled class and we are supposed to start poetry that week. My students asked if we could have class, but I don't know where we would. Perhaps the library? Everyone keeps telling me to let it go, but I really wanted to go over this stuff with them first. They are all a bit nervous about the poetry section and that is the topic for the final.

Sunday is Easter. My husband wonders where we'll sit at church, if Palm Sunday was so full. The boys wondered why they did the Easter Eggs on Palm Sunday rather than Easter. I don't know.

Blessings on your holy week.

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  1. Thanks for making a comment on my blog. Blessings to you this week as we remember the life and death and life again of Jesus.

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