Curriculum thoughts: Your input wanted

In an earlier blog I wrote down the list of books I thought I would be using for eighth and ninth grade lit. I got a response from a fellow blogger who said to PLEASE not read Of Mice and Men. The book seriously creeped them out. Me, too. So I decided I won't read that one. I'll have to find a replacement though.

I would love to hear what yalls thoughts are. I am looking for books, preferably in the 100-120 page length so that I can have students read one each month, from the 19th and 20th centuries. Anyone out there have any favorites? Or any books that don't fit that limit that they think are such classics/so important they should be read? I'd like to know.

1 thought on “Curriculum thoughts: Your input wanted

  1. anything by c.s. lewis. select a few from the narnia chronicles and you can some intellectually stimulating, easy to read, and very symbolic literature. or, you could select something like perelandera — a great c.s. lewis book with just as much symbolism, but a bit harder to read at first. whatever you do, stay away from the scarlet letter — that book was an awful read.

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