Red hair

My husband found a blog where the author was trying to decide whether or not to dye her hair. She was considering red. He told her to go for it.

Before we married, he was a blonde fan. But we've been married 14 years and most of that time my hair has been red. He has a definite bias towards red heads now.

Today I talked to my baby sister, who is a natural blonde. She said she dyed her hair red. She says it really makes her eyes pop but neither she nor her husband are sure about it. I want to see it, but she lives an hour away, so it won't be today.

I should have asked her what her son thinks about it. When I dyed my hair blonde, my son wouldn't look at me directly for about two days. He didn't like it at all. He didn't mind when I dyed it dark and looked a bit like Snow White, but he did not like the blonde. I don't know if that's because he didn't like blonde or was it the fact that it was a bit pink? (Awful disaster that I didn't pay to fix for months.)

Anyway, red hair is a family trait, but apparently not on our gene lines. Neither my mom, nor my three siblings nor I, nor any of our children have red hair. My great-grandmother did and my uncle. But my cousin doesn't either.

I think red hair is the most beautiful color in the world. Always have.

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  1. Was not. I really had no particular bias on hair color.

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