I (Don't) drive safely

I got a ticket. I have to take defensive driving. So I am taking it at idrivesafely.com. It is incredibly annoying because I cannot move onto the next page when I have finished reading, but must wait the prescribed time. Since I read fast, this is a pain.

Also, if I get out of it and go somewhere else, I have to be careful. If too much time elapses, it closes the window down and I have to re-enter. That has only happened once so far, but I have written about 2000 words on my novel while working through the first two of twelve chapters.

Houston has been giving out a lot more tickets recently. I guess the city is short on money again.

You know, I find it annoying that they give information on stuff that isn't useful. Let's talk about the 2 second rule. When I am doing highway driving, outside of town, I can do this. I can even do the 4 second version, which is what I should be doing for 70 mph. But if you have a two second rule in the city, you are going to be constantly dropping back and going slower. It just doesn't work.

Then they talk about tailgaters. If you are being tailgated, you are supposed to slow down. WHAT! If you are being tailgated, you are supposed to get out of the way. (That's step 3 in their list.) But slowing down because someone is close behind you makes them irritated. Especially when you are in the fast lane, going less than the speed limit, and there is no one ahead of you. (That was the situation last time I saw a tailgating.)

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