This is your Body, for life.

I am in my third week of my fourth (or is it fifth?) Body for Life twelve week challenge. I didn't actually take the challenge, as in send in my pictures, etc. I tried something else between my last BFL and this one. It helped in a lot of ways–gaining muscle and learning more about foods–and didn't help in others–losing fat, getting in shape.

So far this challenge, I have lost 3.4 pounds.

2 thoughts on “This is your Body, for life.

  1. just found your site, somehow, who knows?! *LOL* have had a quick read through and am entrigued and curious…. and gun shy…….

  2. Have you tried the south beach diet? It similar in style but not in food intake.

    Basically its for people who want a healthy heart mostly, its a side effect the weightloss.

    It teachs that sugar rush is bad and makes you crave, so the first two weeks is weaning you off sugar. Instead encouraging foods that take longer to burn, cheese, nuts, wholegrains. My mother has high BP and on daily tablets. After this diet in 3 days she was on half the dose, her cholesterol and BP right down, after the two weeks she was off the meds completely. She persuaded me to do it. I stuck it out for the two weeks, never felt hungry, went right off sweets, and lost 8 pounds. Only problem was with me having normal BP, I think it dropped a bit low and made me feel a bit sick if I got warm…but other than that I was well impressed, I normally cant stick to anything like that for more than the morning I start!


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