The Novel I'm Writing

It's a fantasy. I have 95,000 words (before the first major edit) done so far. I still have at least four chapters to write.

Of course, that is what I thought yesterday morning and yesterday I wrote one and I still have four chapters… This is getting longer as we go. I guess that's okay.

But this is just the first section. The second section (what I used to think was the third) has a lot more action in it. Which means words, too.

The length I am looking at ultimately is about 150,000 words. I know the publisher I would like to take the book and that's their average with fantasy.

This is the first novel I have ever written more than a chapter or two of. I have two chapters of a novel that wasn't thought through very well. I loved the milieu and I loved the character, but I didn't want to write a milieu or the part of the story where she changed. So it didn't work. Maybe someday I will figure out the conflict and go back and write the novel. I like the character a lot.

But I decided that this story would work. I was going to write it. I am going to write it. And I am going to submit it. Hopefully someday I can tell you to go to the store and buy it. For now I am just patting myself on the back for moving along.

2 thoughts on “The Novel I'm Writing

  1. i envy you. im not very good with prose although i love setting up stories in my head.

    right now, im struggling to meet 90 pages for a screenplay..and that's a screenplay, mind you! i'm forty pages (60%) into the plot and a whole lot of pages to go.

    good luck with your novel.

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