Friend ill

A friend of mine and my family for the last 27 years had what they thought was a stroke when she started slurring her words and lost the use of her right arm and leg. Turns out it was a fast-growing, highly aggressive brain tumor.

They went in to cut it out. Took them two days. One to map the brain. One to do the surgery. When it was over, about a quarter of the cancer was still in her brain. It wasn't encapsulated so they couldn't get it all.

She stayed in ICU for a week. Then they moved her to rehab. It was two weeks ago Tuesday that they moved her.

I went to see her Wednesday two weeks ago. She couldn't find words, couldn't move her right arm or leg. She was very limited in what she could say, but seemed to understand everything I said.

I also went last week on Tuesday. Stayed a whole day and part of another one. Her health was much worse. Her vocabulary was even more limited. She'd lost a lot of functionality since the past Friday even. (I talked to her therapists to see if it was my imagination.)

Then I went this week, Monday and Tuesday. She is not worse. That was good. I was going to have to call her youngest myself if she was. She is some better than when I was there the second time, but not as well as the first time.

I hate seeing my friend so sick.

People ask me how old she is. When I tell them she is in her 70s they seem to think that makes it okay or something. If she were 160 I wouldn't be willing to lose her. I guess it is less scary if she isn't young or something.

This woman helped me get to college. She helped keep my parents together when they were going through a bad patch. I called and told her and her husband that my dad was talking about divorce. They got plane tickets out and called my folks. Said they were going to take a vacation in New Orleans and could they visit? My folks have been together 42 years now. Twenty since then.

If you pray, please mention my friend to God. He knows her well, but I'd like to keep her for a while.

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  1. There seems to be a lot of that going around…she sounds like a wonderful lady and I will remember her in my prayers for you.


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