GString Divas

It's an interesting show that is on HBO. It interviews, follows, watches one strip club dancer per show. Some of them you really like. Some of them you don't. Some you wonder why they're doing what they're doing.

There's Bunny who dresses like a cross between a six year old and the elder Barbara Bush. She seems to enjoy what she does and she's good at it.

There's Joey who is a dancer, actually an artist of all kinds, who is finishing up a Master's in art.

There's Ginger, who has a degree from Vanderbilt, works the crowd for money hard, and wants to be a soccer mom.

It's interesting. However, if you are offended by partial nudity, don't watch it.

1 thought on “GString Divas

  1. I have watched these shows and really have enjoyed them. I was wondering if Jordan had her own web site.she is really beautiful.I am a woman.Could you please email me if you know if they even have a website? I know HBO says they do…but i have been unable to find it.Also, do u know where they taped these shows? Thank You…

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