Offenders meeting victims

The Brits do things a little strangely, to my way of thinking. There's an article on BBC today about the governments' quotas for hospitals causing 25 people to lose their eyesight due to cancelled and delayed appointments, which were cancelled or delayed by the hospital. Since they cancelled or delayed to meet the quotas, that's freaking scary to me.

Then there's this article which talks about how people who have committed crimes, like mugging, burglary, etc, can get out of going to jail by visiting with their victims. I read that and I am thinking, okay. Someone assaults me and their punishment is they have to see me? I think that would be a punishment for the victim.

Read it yourself. One young victim of a mugging said it gave her more confidence. But notice that the mugger didn't apologize or say they were wrong. How does that help?

The article says that the government justice system thinks it will help victims if they understand the motives of the bad guys. If someone burglarizes my house, I know their motive. It's to use what I've worked for to buy what they want so they don't have to work for it. What do I care what their motive is? Maybe they have a sick mother, so what? So do I.

I thought it was strange. I don't want it to happen in the US. Offenders getting off because they are polite to the people they hurt the next time? That's justice.

1 thought on “Offenders meeting victims

  1. Can I just say that I am as amazed as you are this idea.

    Here in Britain we are fighting a losing battle against crime.
    The prisons that we have here are all overcrowded to bursting point and the goverment seems unwilling to throw public money at building anymore.
    Our prisons are porrly maintained and staffed and let's face it, these places are just like colleges for criminals.
    Go in a car thief, come out a wannabe bank robber.

    So anyway, we have a left-wing goverment looking for ways to cut crime without being too tough on the criminals.
    So they come up with bizarre ideas that open them up to even more ridicule by the British public.

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