Strange Experience with My Blog

I just got on my blog. When it came up, the colors were right. The entries were right. But they weren't on the right days. The last one for yesterday was listed as written for today. Also, and even more weird, my header said “1 Mans View” and there was an ad space up there.

Is someone getting in and messing with other blogs? When I opened another window, it didn't look like that. It looked like mine. When I went back in the old window, it looked like mine, too.

Messing with my mind will not get you anywhere. Everyone already knows I am crazy.

1 thought on “Strange Experience with My Blog

  1. i think blog city is experiencing some problems due to the traffic. they cant handle it or something.same thing happened to me. not as weird as that though. mostly lagging. can i know ur real name? thanks.

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