What's your real age?

I read a blog about taking this test at Real Age that tells you how old you are based on your medical history, your family history, your activities, your friends, etc.

In real life I am 41.5 years old. According to them, I'm actually 36.9. At last I get to be the younger woman!

Some things that effected my “age” included:

I always wear a seat belt and don't drink and drive.

My parents are still married to each other and have been all my life.

My folks are still alive and “well.”

I eat fish more than once a week.

I take a multi vitamin daily.

I get seven hours of sleep a night.

I weight lift and do cardiovascular activities.

It was interesting. Makes you think about your lifestyle in different ways.

For instance, they asked if I have family and friends (including spouse and kids) that I see once a month or more. Yep. Sister, nephew, and parents across town. Husband and kids in the house. That's nine right there. Add one other person in that I know and that puts me at the max.

I've felt very lonely here because I don't have two or three close friends that I see every week. Apparently I've been wanting way more social interaction than the average American gets.

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