Black truck drivers

By that I mean drivers of black trucks… My hubby always said it costs you 10 IQ points to drive a truck. I'm thinking it must cost a lot more to drive a black truck.

Today, in less than a mile, I saw three drivers of black trucks do the stupid. #1 turned on a left protected green. Then he decided he wanted to go straight, so he stopped in the middle of the intersection until the light turned yellow. Then he pulled into the straight lane.

#2 went up to a red light, turned left onto a two-way road and then turned left again. I think the second left actually had a green light, but the first one didn't.

#3 was when I was leaving a store, less than half a mile up the road from #2. I should have pulled out behind a black truck, but I thought 'No way, not today.' Black truck drivers are being idiots. So I went to the next opening to pull out. I watched the driver pull out in front of two cars and then “whip” into the other lane at less than half the speed limit, while the people in both lanes applied their brakes. Then he turned left. I'm surprised someone didn't get rear-ended.

Saw the driver of a black car pull a stupid later on, much farther away. My kids decided that black must be a cursed color. Glad I never owned a black vehicle. But my older son came up with a better idea. He says all drivers of black vehicles are really aliens who have kidnapped the original drivers and haven't yet learned our driving rules. I told him I liked that idea. Better stupid aliens than stupid people.

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  1. Wow. I got a nasty comment from someone who can’t differentiate between the color of the car and the color of a person. Since they didn’t deign to use their name and denigrated me with negative name-calling, rather than a true comment, I deleted it.

    If you have something to say, say it. And give your name for it too.

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