Reading Lists: Someone's Idea of what to read

This list by the Observer UK gives 100 books in chronological order that are “must reads.” Does it say anything about me that I've read all the oldest and none of the newest?

The oldest are Don Quixote, Pilgrim's Progress, Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver's Travels. I consider myself well read. I've only read 34 of these and I've never even heard of at least 12 of them before.

The BBC has its own top 100. I've read 41 of those and have to say that more of my favorite books are on that list than the other. But really, three of the books are by Terry Pratchett (in my opinion a mediocre SF/Fan author of British origin) and four are by JKRowling. I admit her tales are interesting but really one of the best books ever? Of course, BBC viewers got to vote, so I guess that explains part of it.

National Review has a list of the top 100 Nonfiction books of the century. I've read 17 of them.

Of course, SF and Fantasy fans have a site of the top 100. I have read 29 of these. They do lump together series, so I've actually read about 40, but then the list is longer than 100, and in one series I only read one.

Harvard's Book Store, the ones that bring you the Harvard classics, offer their staffs' top 100 books. I've read 39 of those.

In Boston Library's list I've read 32. In their “almost” list, I've read 12. There weren't 100 there, but I didn't check how many were there.

A list of 100 books for modern persons (please note the PC language) includes 12 I have read. It is from the LA times.

After this, I may have to write a 100 list.

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