Science fiction is from the devil?

That’s what one of the parents appear to think. “Why should we read science fiction?” “What’s good about science fiction?” “What does it teach us about God?”

It teaches us that God made man infinitely creative. But that’s not what she wanted to know.

“Tell me where in the Bible it says we should read science fiction.” I told her that it says to pursue wisdom. She replied that it also says that wisdom is found in God. I told her that was true and if all she wanted to do was find wisdom in the Bible, then she should get rid of all her other books, including missionary biographies, because they weren’t Bibles and they didn’t tell God’s truth, just the truth of the person writing the book. That stumped her for a minute, but only a minute.

Her daughter is staying in my class, but she is not reading any science fiction. The work she picked for her isn’t as long, which means her daughter is going to be doing some extra writing. And I’ve got a lot of extra work fitting in her projects around what the rest of the class is working on.

The book that will “hurt her daughter’s soul” is Time Machine by HG Wells, because the bad guys are cannibals.

Some days trying to teach is just more work than it is anything else.

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