The law on spanking

I think there is nothing wrong with spanking. I did not spank my children much when they were small, though, not because I disagree with it but because my children didn’t care if they got spanked. They did care about time outs and losing electronic privileges or later allowance.

Even so, I was once accused of beating my children because I removed one of them from a restaurant when they were deliberately causing a scene. I did not touch them except to pick them up and haul them out of the restaurant. However a woman followed me and said that she was going to report me for child abuse. (For removing a screaming child from a public place?)

My child then repeated what the woman said, that I was going to hurt him. I asked if I had ever hurt him. He said no. I explained that Mommy was mad because he had been acting badly and he knew it, but that I was not going to hurt him. I did wonder what the CPS would have thought if they had heard that at the time.

I thought this post on Jan. 24 by the Curmudgeonly Clerk was fascinating.

4 thoughts on “The law on spanking

  1. Constitutional or not, I teach my children about the consecuences. If they want, they could exagerate and give me trouble, but knowing about foster care and family separation, helps them understand their own responsiblities; on the other hand, I also teach them about animal instinctive reactions, and my own tolerant limitations.

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