Wonderful Words

I found a great site, well, I got there via an old blog from someone whose blogs I haven’t read before, but it’s there and it’s great. It’s about etymology, where words come from. Being a bibliophile and a lover of words, I think I have spent half an hour there reading through some I knew and some I didn’t. I’m going back after I post this.

This is the site.

1 thought on “Wonderful Words

  1. You’ve inadvertantly caused me to stay at work for two hours longer than I should have done!!! I wondered where you had gone – after all, community is not about a domain name, it’s purely conceptual.

    I’ve been reading that site for two hours now. Just absorbing each one of the entries. Confirming things I already knew. Learning new things. Changing my perception of pre-existing thoughts.

    Love it.

    Anyway – MUST go home now. If I don’t I never will. Keep blogging – and drop by and say ello at some point. We’ll start a community.

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