Freaking out over weight loss

I am freaking out that I just paid some people $700 to tell me what to do for a year. To talk to me, to tell me what to eat and what not to eat, and how and when not to eat it. What the heck have I done? Can I have buyer’s remorse and get out of this?

If I was sure it would work, even if it takes more than 16 weeks, then I hope the stress and panic would go away. But Quick Weight Loss hasn’t done anything for me yet except ask me to sign three or four slips of paper, one of which was a check.

They “guarantee” I’ll lose 3-5 pounds a week. Believe me, I’ve done weight loss before. I have NEVER lost 3 pounds a week consistently. In fact, just last week I was thinking, “One pound a month. That’s all. I can work on losing one pound a month.” But now I’ve paid to lose 3-5 pounds a week. If I don’t? Will they be like Nutrisystem was when my weight plateaued and accuse me of lying and fudging the system? They say they won’t, but I don’t know these people. They don’t know me.

I told my husband we may have to invest in 24 hour camera surveillance on me to prove I’m doing what they said, when it gets to the last weeks. But, really, I don’t expect it to take till the last few weeks.

I don’t care how much water I don’t drink, or do, and how much I avoid processed sugar and salt, I will do something extravagant if, in four weeks, I have really lost and kept off 12 pounds. (I’m trying to do something that would be positive. Not negative here.) So, 28 days from now is June 17. If on June 17 I weigh 173 (I hate to have to admit to this weight, but I am desperate.), I will…

Hmm. What could I do that would be positive? What do people normally say?

Eat my hat.

Hmm. That’s the only one I can think of. I don’t think a hat is on my diet. I could take a walk. A really long walk. Surely even in the heat of summer a long walk would be good for me not bad for me. But somehow I doubt it. Maybe a long walk will be bad for me. What else could I do? Go out dancing with my hubby? We don’t like to dance and I HATE cigarette smoke.

I’ll have to think about that. Something incredible but not bad for you that I could do to celebrate losing 12 pounds of scale weight. (Hopefully not lean body mass either.)

If I picked something really cool, I could repeat it every 28 days. It would become a reward system, a new celebration. Maybe even a replacement for comfort foods.

A 20 mile walk. A 10 mile hike. Something fun. Something different. Something special.

Think. Think. Think.

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