The prep phase: 3 days

Okay, here’s the three day preparatory eating schedule.

Two eggs for breakfast.

ONE meat, but any and all of that kind of meat that you want.








Raw green vegetables. As much as you want. But they can’t be cooked.

Two oranges a day. They originally said one but today they told me to have two.

80 oz of water

And you can have 2 cups of coffee a day.

2 thoughts on “The prep phase: 3 days

  1. How are the meats and eggs to be prepared? Are you allowed to use butter and salt? I appreciate your feedback and thanks in advance for sharing…


  2. You can’t use butter, but you can use the salt that’s half salt and half selenium. It’s in a light blue container about half the size of a normal salt container, by Morton’s. In fact, they want you to use that.

    You can’t use any fats, actually, during the first three days. I boiled my eggs, but I guess you could use Pam or something like it.

    I cooked my meat on the grill or in a frying pan, but without any extra fat. I also got low fat (96/4) hamburger meat and cooked it that way as well.

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