Baby in ICU

My niece was born yesterday. She is in ICU. Her prognosis is good, but she is in ICU. They don’t put you in ICU unless you are in danger.

She has gray-blue eyes which will probably go brown, like her dad’s and brother’s. She has black wavy hair. Everyone kept saying it was curly, but there’s a difference between curly and wavy.

She is having trouble breathing. She is on a respirator. She has an IV in her arm. She has an extensive rash.

My sister hasn’t seen her awake yet. They only let my sister go up once every half hour for a minute. She is getting frustrated and angry. That’s her baby up there and she can’t hold her or take care of her or even sit with her.

S’s hubby and son stayed up there in her suite last night. Then A, the 3 year old, got sick. He was throwing up and having diarrhea all night long. M was telling him to be quiet because he was yelling because he was sick and he hurt. S picked him up, bad plan 12 hours after baby birthing. Anyway, her night was exciting and not much fun.

(Is there a negative word for exciting?)

God, please bless R and S and A with health today and throughout their lives.

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