Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 36

This morning the scale read 171.2 again. In some ways that is good, because I lost the water weight. In some ways it is bad because it didn’t drop more.

36 days and I’ve only lost 14.5 pounds. That’s definitely not good.

One thing that is good is that I had baked apple today. I peeled it, sliced it, laid it out in a pie pan, added nutmeg, cinnamon, and Splenda, and then cooked it at 375 for 15 minutes. It was very good. I put a bit too much cinnamon on it, but that wasn’t hard to take off after it was cooked. I enjoyed it.

Maybe I need to work at finding recipes I can have which are different. Eating the same things continually can get old.

I hope my weight starts dropping again.

1 thought on “Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 36

  1. That is really not bad. You are supposed to loose 2 pounds each week – the healthy way. So I say that 36 days equals 5 weeks? So 5 weeks x 2 is 10 pounds. You are most likely to keep it off than someone that looses more weight in a smaller amount of time. Much luck to you!!

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