Janet Treby

I own two signed/numbered AP serigraphs by Janet Treby. I really like her style in some of her pictures. She appears to be working in three different styles. I like one of them a lot.

One of her s/n AP serigraphs is on sale on eBay. I like it. No one’s bid on it. But they don’t say what shipping and handling is and I don’t want to order a piece and find out that I owe $150 or some such extra. (That’s the shipping for a different print.)

If I had Blue Dress, I’d move the two I have now to the same wall and put Blue Dress on the other wall.

1 thought on “Janet Treby

  1. I have Blue Dress and Lady in Green….matted and framed on the same (diningroom) wall..separated by a window…

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