Vehicle registration

Hubby decided it wasn’t worth a dollar to mail in our vehicle registration. Hah. That’s because he didn’t have to do it in person. He sent me. I spent an hour waiting to get through a 36 person line.

Halfway through I gave up. I saw a sign that said I could get my vehicle registration at Kroger and Randall’s. So I drove back home. Went in. It was quick.

But the good feeling of, oh wow, I didn’t have to wait, went away when they charged me the dollar fee my husband wanted to save off the mail in.

Next time, I’ll mail it in.

Maybe I should get the bills back and deal with them myself. Then I don’t try to save a dollar for an hour and a half’s worth of work.

2 thoughts on “Vehicle registration

  1. Your husband was wise to at least try to save a dollar of the family money from the greedy government. Even with a dollar fee now at the grocery store, it’s still quicker than mailing it in – just get when you buy food. Of course, they added another $10 tax to the registration anyway so you have to find other ways to save…

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