Auschwitz Freedom Remembrance

Auschwitz was freed 60 years ago today.

It’s been a long time and most of the people freed are now dead. They’ve joined the much larger number who weren’t released.

When I was ten one of my neighbors, “the crazy lady,” told me about the camps. She had been in one. She didn’t want any of us playing games which involved guns anywhere near her house. She certainly didn’t want us showing up at her door with them. Because she’d been in the camps. As an adult, I would surmise, since I think she was about 50 then. She made it out. Many people did not.

When I was in college in the late 70s there was discussion of the death of a local. He’d been somewhat of a hermit, unlike his sister. When he died, the inside of his house, every wall and door, was covered with paintings of scenes from the death camp he was in. I would suppose it was an attempt to get beyond it. I don’t think he succeeded.

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  1. wow, this is a really sad account of life. i hope you never did frighten the old lady with your toy guns. I know that you would not have done. Sarah

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