Man Arrested for Saving Life

The Houston Chronicle covers a story of a Houston man being arrested for saving the life of a man drowning in the San Marcos River.

Apparently the police were upset that Newman jumped in the water to save the drowning man. They hollered at him to get out.

Note: They didn’t go in to save the drowning man themselves. They told the drowning man Newman had saved him.

Then they arrested Newman.

I expect the latter paragraphs explain the real reason he was arrested.

“In 1999, Texas State University, which owns the dam and the land around it, erected a fence to prohibit access to that part of the river. Later that year, the City Council enacted a swimming ban on that portion of the river. But Newman led a successful campaign to get the fences around the swimming hole removed and the ban relaxed.

In April, 22-year-old Jason Lee Bonnin, and a Texas State University student, drowned after he and three other restaurant workers jumped from the eatery into the river.”

Note also that Newman was arrested and put into a “Texas State University police squad car.”

They arrested him for saving the life of one man because they think he’s responsible for the deaths of four others. That’s my take on it.

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1 thought on “Man Arrested for Saving Life

  1. I think you are looking at it more positive than it is. They arrested him because he didn’t do what they told him, and the police don’t like it when you don’t do what they tell you. It undermines their power and that is generally more important than any positive outcome you may get.

    While you can’t beat the ride, you can beat the rap. Which I expect will happen when and if Newman gets to court.

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