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I considered stealing the title Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up… from The Common Room this morning. But I decided to take someone else’s tack instead and let the weirdos find my blog, which has no pictures on it.

There are no nudes, no naked babies, no boys or girls in bathtubs. I don’t post those on the internet. Not for fear of predators but because it would take too much energy for me to learn how. (True laziness.)

But there were some interesting links from and because of this post referenced earlier. So I thought I’d put the ones I followed in a post in case you were interested.

Razorkiss, a previous cyberangel, has a post on what is safe and what is not for the internet.

David Boles at Urban Semiotic says to “take your children offline NOW.”

These are two very different, very well thought out, very well argued presentations of information on the topic of how safe is it to put your children’s pictures up on the internet.

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