Reading Liberal Blogs

The Q and O Blog offers a “Taxonomy of Liberal Blogs.” So I went and read it.

I am looking for liberal blogs to get “the other side of the story.” I found several I thought sounded rational and went and read them. Two are now in Net News Wire for my daily perusal.

One of the calmer reads said, “This comports well with one’s intuitive sense that the contemporary right has come to be populated largely by braindead hacks.” Wow. I’m a braindead hack. Or my husband is. Or someone we know well. Because, of course, the right is “largely” populated by such.

Okay, this is fairly calm. He didn’t use ugly words. But really.

“Braindead.” I think we all know what that means. That’s Susan Torres before her baby was born. That’s not thousands of people who disagree with the left’s approach to things.

“Hack.” What does that mean? I think of someone who gets into other people’s computers illegally. There’s a bunch of teens up on felony charges for that. But I don’t know if they’re right wingers. And anyone in my family can tell you I’m not a hacker. I can barely keep all my windows open.

Maybe “hack” means someone who isn’t very good at something. Well, I guess that’s possible. But I’m very good at English and my husband is very good at computer science. And…

Yes. It was a stupid statement. It took the thrust out of the argument, because it made me concentrate on the name calling.

Do you like being called names? Neither do I.

The other of the calmer blogs has “Bush Sucks” jokes in a separate post. Gee, that’s persuasive. I will say, honestly, that one of the articles got me to thinking about stuff that I didn’t like. It was the first time I had ever seen that information and I would not have thought of it like he did. But it was well written and thoughtful and thoughtprovoking. Unlike the jokes.

btw, I read eight liberal blogs. Six of them are also/primarily medical blogs.

2 thoughts on “Reading Liberal Blogs

  1. Thank you for visiting my site recently… I am brand new to this and I really appreciate the time.

    Your site is very nice. I, too, try to keep up with the “other side”. Some of them are very angry, though… and they almost always want to fight. That gets old.

    I can’t believe how many attack emails and comments I have received since I “went public” with my site.

    I hope rational discourse is not dead in this country… that would be a shame.

    Thanks again!

    Kurt G.

    Right Equals Might

  2. Fellow braindead hack here. Keep up the great posts.

    Let me know if you add a friends/reciprocal link section, I’d love to exchange links.

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