God is Fair

Interesting church lesson. “God is fair.” Joel 2:25, Ex. 3:22, Isaiah 61:7… God wants to repay you double for the bad things that have happened to you. God loves you. God wants to give you good things. God is planning on giving you good things. If you don’t get good things today, just wait. Your gifts from God are coming. Even when, maybe especially when, bad things happen (which are not a result of your poor choices) God is wanting to bless you. And He will. God LOVES you. He doesn’t just love you and want to discipline you; he loves you and wants to give you every good and perfect gift.

What a difference from your typical sermons.

God is going to give you good things.

Thank you, God.

1 thought on “God is Fair

  1. God wants to bless you even when you make bad choices. He’s all about making things better. Isn’t his redemptive work on earth making things right after our poor choices/sin?

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