Feast of the Nativity of Mary

Today we celebrate the birthday of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Well, “we” don’t. I’m not Catholic. But I think it is kind of cool that they celebrate Mary’s birthday.

Did you know only three birthdays are celebrated in the Catholic church? John the Baptist, Jesus, and Mary. That’s a lot of clout given to a woman by a patriarchical church. It’s impressive.

The idea of having a feast for Mary is 1600 years old.

Serious festivities commence in some places.

And, like the ground hog, her birthday is used to predict the future. This verse is from Austria.

It’s Blessed Virgin’s Birthday,
The swallows do depart;
Far to the South they fly away,
And sadness fills my heart.
But after snow and ice and rain
They will in March return again.

For an incredibly good reading on the Eastern Orthodox’s take on the Nativity of Mary, read this meditation. It includes some beautiful icons.

An introduction to Mary is given at Mary, Mother of God.

You know that old saying, “you learn something new everyday.”? Well, this is what I learned new today.

It’s only been nine years since the first sermon I ever remember hearing on Mary. (I had read of others before that.) The sermon was in the Christmas season and discussed the Magnificat, which is a prayer/poem composed by Mary herself.

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  1. I did not know this! I am surprised Father didn’t mention it today in School. I’ll have to ask the boys about it.

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