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I haven’t seen anything about the vote this November. Then I got two emailed copies of this letter:

Texas State Constitutional Marriage Amendment Ballot on Nov 8, 2005

A letter from Kelly Shackelford, of Free Market Foundation, Dallas, Texas:

Dear Fellow Texans, What I’m writing you this month is different from usual. I’m concerned. As I talk to people across the state, most don’t even know an election on marriage is coming on November,8,05. And the few who do know about the Constitutional Amendments Election are mistakenly overconfident.
Let me explain. The Texas Marriage Amendment is one of nine constitutional amendments on the ballot on Nov. 8th. The Texas election to keep marriage between one man and one woman is completely different from the elections which passed marriage amendments in 13 states last year. Those states did so in conjunction with a presidential race, which brings large percentages of voters to the polls, thus passing the amendments.
There is no presidential or governor’s race in the upcoming Texas election. The typical turnout for a Constitutional Amendments Election is only five to seven percent. Just three-and-a-half percent may win the election! And the side opposing the marriage amendment is planning to do just that – flood the polls to defeat the Texas Marriage Amendment.
Last year, homosexual activists and pro same-sex “marriage” groups from across the country had to split their time and money between 13 states simultaneously. Now, they can focus their whole effort on Texas, the only state with a vote on marriage this year. Homosexual activists already have full-time, paid staff across the state, city leaders in the 35 largest cities in Texas and have lined up more than 120 organizations opposing the Marriage Amendment. They also have purchased statewide advertisements to oppose the Texas Amendment on marriage.
I want to make sure you know that this is not an election one side can take for granted. People need to know about this election and vote. It is historic – the first time Texans will be able to vote directly on the definition of marriage. If the pro-marriage side does not wake up, they could be in for a shock. Texas could very well be the first state in the country to vote down a marriage amendment.
Together we can reach millions of Texans to alert them about this monumental election. We are producing 3 to 4 million more Voters’ Guides than we have ever produced in a Constitutional Amendments Election. To receive these non-partisan, educational guides, please call 972-423-8889 x104 or e-mail programs@freemarket.org.
It is a privilege to work with you. Le! t’s spread the word about the November 8th election to our family and friends in our neighborhoods, churches and state. This is an historic election, deciding if marriage in Texas will be limited to one man and one woman. Sitting on the sidelines is not an option.
Sincerely, Kelly Shackelford President, Free market Foundation, 972-423-8889, http://www.freemarket.org
IMPORTANT DATES: Oct 11, – Voter Registration Deadline/ Oct24-Nov 4, 2005 – Early Voting


I don’t want marriage to be anything other than between one man and one woman. Did yall see the news yesterday about Amsterdam’s polygamous civil union? If you want to read about how the breakdown started, with divorce being easy, go here.

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  1. Thank you so much for this website. Our Sunday class met for lunch today with our pastor and his wife. We were able to convince him this issue is a “Biblical” issue, not political. Therefore, I will be allowed to make an oral statement on Sunday morning and the class is preparing a mailout for all members of our church. We will be offering rides, etc. to encourage our members “to get out and vote.”
    We don’t want a repeat of what happened to prayers in our schools.
    Evelyn Russsell, Henderson,TX

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