11th Grade Comments on Books

“I like how they showed how the black people got there freedom and what white men did to the blacks I did not know black men had to go to the army to get freedom”
“1 thing i liked about the book “[Title]” was that she kept on fighting for freedom and never gave up no matter what happen. She stood strong even when she witness her fathers die. I really didn’t have any dislike’s about the book. I would really recommand this book to other 11th graders.”
“I agree with almost everything and specially when you said that this book isn’t 100% accurate because it shows at many times that Willy had escaped many times and in real life she wouldn’t get away that easily so I agree. Even though this book is a fiction I still think it should have been atleast close to being 100% accurate. And I kinf of disagree with the part when u said there is no sympathy in Willy losing her parents because remember back then they didn’t prison women for fun but they would prison women to take away a right of a women which is what happened to Willy’s mother but maybe the author meant as prisoning her mother for fun who knows since this book isn’t 100% accurate.”
“i think the book [title] is a book that shows the struggle of african americans during the worst time in history for us . i think that willy was a strong girl that fought for her freedom from every one when i say that i mean that she had to prove herself to every one that she came across being that she was a freeded slave . i don’t think that the war was very revoloutionary and the picture that this book painted for me made me upset so in general i didn’t like the book but it was a good read for a class”
“in [title]. will has to deal with alot of racism bieng that she is a nigga during slavery. she sees her father get killed and then have to go home and find out that her mother is tooken buy the british. then will y goes to her aunt besty house and captian ivers try to put her back into slavery. then she goes to new york to have a better life and then after evry thing that happen to will she if free with the help of mr goodrich and also help her uncle.”
“I like the book [title]. this book changes what i thought about freedom and not getting the freedom you suppose to have. willy went through a lot for where she at now. she gain a lot of freedom from the Revolution. In my mind and thought if willy didnt posed as a guy she probably wouldnt be where she at today. willy freeman is a strong girl. even though willy struggle so much to get frredom by hiding her idenity. she overcome her mom and dad deaths. and she got freedom for her uncle to be free by getting a white lawyer and getting a right to be free herself , cause of Captain Ivers trying to take a freedom away and being unsuccessful. \r\nwilly freeman was a good book and got my attention some of the times. but that what afican americans need to be equal and to have the rights. my thoughts……….”

from Oh Snap! but he/she says that they’re going to take it down later. I wanted to keep it for me.

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