My Husband Has Become a Left-Wing Wacko

He insists that since there is nothing on the French rioting that there is not really anything much going on, outside the suburbs of Paris. It’s not a huge conflagaration. If one paper says 394 cars, one says 657 cars, and one mentions no cars, then of course no cars were burnt. Of course, the one that mentions no cars isn’t talking about the riots at all, so…

For my husband, who I love despite his brain farting on this issue, I say, I may read too many blogs, but you aren’t reading the best ones on this.

From Knowledge is Power. Pictures of Europe and a Reuter’s map depicting the riots.

From the Anchoress. A quote from the French media which says they aren’t showing the burning cars because they don’t want any rightwing whackos getting elected in their country because they showed pictures of what was really happening in their news.

Of course, my husband, who is usually quite brilliant, has joined the left’s media mantra saying that Fox is “right wing.” As someone considerably to the right of Fox, may I say that it is only “moderate.” It may, perhaps, be moderately right, but it is not clear right.

And the BBC, which did mention the cars, there’s were the 394 yesterday, is not right. It is more likely left. One might argue, though not persuasively I think, that it is moderately left, but it is at least left. Even if you place it in the “moderate” category.

Neither yesterday nor today did Google news offer any numbers. They don’t even say what day of rioting this is. It’s been a fortnight now. But they don’t mention the 1,408 cars burned on Sunday evening. Nor do they mention the 30 towns involved in “incidents.” Today, if you go to World, you will find Chirac saying that it will be dealt with when it is all calmed down. That article doesn’t mention the more than 2,000 who have been arrested in the rioting.

I think that somewhere along the line my husband has lost the reality of what it means to be right wing and has succumbed to the disease of labeling as wacko anything that disagrees with their perspective.

1 thought on “My Husband Has Become a Left-Wing Wacko

  1. Left-Wing Wacko here.

    Google isn’t a news outlet, it’s an algorithm that collects news stories. If you go though all their stories and find no numbers, I’d question even further the validity of your numbers.

    Where are the press getting these numbers? The government? Reporters counting?

    I don’t deny there are riots in France, just they aren’t any bigger a deal than our periodic riots.

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