Right Wing Wacko?

My husband claims that I read too many/only right wing blogs. I am surprised to hear this. I have seven “only idiots would even think ID is possible” and two “Bush is an idiot” and one “anyone who thinks this is a homophobe.” The news I get is from Wired (computer science centered, but definitely not right wing), Reuters (al-Reuters, to some), National Geographic, News@nature.com, and Live Science. Of course, I read 127 blogs daily, so 15 is not a large percent.

I also read 16 teacher blogs, two history blogs, five family blogs, 27 military blogs (They must be right wing wackos, right?), two gun blogs, three essayists, two columnists, 10 medical blogs, three satirists, one Indian blog, seven political blogs, and two Catholic blogs (I’m not Catholic.). Oh, I also read three “alert” blogs- discrimination, jihad, and ACLU. Okay, I know that’s not all 126, but they’re a bit hard to categorize, you know. Plus, they aren’t in any clear order in NetNewsWire. But it’s 2/3s or more.

So, no, I don’t think I am a right wing wacko. My husband, though, I am starting to worry about him.

2 thoughts on “Right Wing Wacko?

  1. You are not not a right wing wacko because you read some left wing wacko website, or even if some of your blogs express some left and right views. You are a RWW because you think the RWW ideas are right and the LWW ideas are wrong.

    Maybe you should just revel in your wackoness and buy a t-shirt.

  2. Suggest you stop reading the ACLU blog, they are communist (left wing) wackos. Send me a list of the other blogs you read and I’ll be happy to review to see which might warp your mind.

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