Reprisal of my last week

This last week has been a little (a lot) crazy.

Last Thursday I got a call from M’s drama teacher telling me he was supposed to have lederhosen for the play. Dress rehearsal was the next day.

Friday the booksale work started. I didn’t know how much work there would be, so I got two high school kids to come out and help.

Then Saturday it continued. And my mom didn’t pick up my sister from the airport. (She forgot, I guess.) Then my mom never left the house to come get her. My sister eventually took my car to drive to my mom’s. (An hour away.) We met my sister and mom for supper and then we went to church. After that we went by her house to pick up my car.

Sunday I got a call from my mom as we were leaving for Bible class. She needed stuff bought. So after Bible class, we left and went shopping for my mom. When I called her from WalMart, she was hysterical, sure that she and my sister were going to die because they hadn’t gone to church that morning. Mom didn’t get dressed for church, so it would have been a bit hard to go. Ten minutes later she called back calm as all get out. But she was in the back of the house listening to the birds while my sister was waiting in the car to be returned to the airport. … After my mom dropped my sister off, she met us for lunch. After I’d finished, I ran over to Men’s Wearhouse to get her stuff and then came back. She left around 2:30. And she went home for a dinner party that she wasn’t prepared for. (We won’t go there since I was not involved.) And I went off to a new mother’s shower.

Monday all day was the library sale. In the evening we went to get my son’s computer which they said was fixed. (Turns out it wasn’t.) And I drove around town looking for suspenders, socks, tassels, buttons, and a hat with which to make lederhosen. While I was driving to a WalMart for buttons and tassels, I saw a beautiful shooting star. “Lordy!” I said. “God, that was beautiful.” Then I wondered if the shuttle were up. But it wasn’t. Thick lines, green sparks. The star went out in a blaze of glory.

Tuesday all day was the library sale. Until work. Then after work I had the evening off and didn’t do squat.

Wednesday morning at 5:55 I got a call from my father. My mom was in the hospital and needed me to go look after her. I was also supposed to tell him if he needed to come home from Louisiana where he is helping a widow’s house get rebuilt after Katrina. I had to take the dog to the vet’s so I didn’t leave until 9:30. I got there at 10:30, with flowers, and mom wasn’t around. She was getting an MRI. So I left to get lunch. My dad called and he asked me to pick up flowers for Mother. So I did. I stayed up there, running errands for my mom (including some stupid ones), until 5:30. Then I drove home and met my husband for dinner. I got to the restaurant just before 7. It would have taken me two hours to drive home because of rush hour traffic.

Thursday morning was the booksale for the elderly and the infirm. Then Thursday afternoon and evening I had work. I had forgotten to grade papers, so I was up early before the booksale grading. And then just before work I finished them.

Friday morning was school. And I finally got around to finishing the lederhosen. After school we ate lunch and then I went back to the libary to get ready for the sale. I was there for two hours. The sale was just starting as I left. I came home, got M, took him to school for the drama, came home, got dressed, and went with R and E to the drama. It was two and a half hours long and very well done. Some was a bit different, but it was all done well. My son got applause for his entry monologue. He was good. After that we went to dinner.

Saturday morning was the sale. I went and bought some more books, got everything started, and then left. (Lots of volunteers.) I’ll go back at 2. Right now we’re going to pick up M’s computer, again, from the store. It’s gotten a new hard drive and a new motherboard this week.

It’s been very busy. I will be glad for a few days to clean house and catch the boys up on school.

2 thoughts on “Reprisal of my last week

  1. GDay,

    From where I sit that sounds like one scary week, and then you still had to clean the house and help the boys with their school work.

    Is there any place for you to find some “you” time in your busy life. Hope so.


  2. Sounds like my life. Except I create a lot of my own chaos, don’t need others to do it for me. When are you coming to my area? We are home this weekend.

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