A History of a Lost Culture

While searching for stories on Rabbits, I came up on the website of Montana: The Magazine of Western History. It has the story, “Rabbit Child- A Crazy Dog of the Crows” on it. I must say that I am impressed with the history of the story.

The first author, who is a Crow, talks about his brother deciding to collect the stories of the Crow from the tribal elders as those who spoke Crow and knew the old stories were starting to die out.

Since today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, I will point out that there is a reference to that in the article. “We enlisted together in the United States Army Air Corps shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. ”

The story tells of this man’s work with the story, of his granddaughter’s work with the study. Then his granddaughter takes over the narrative.

It is a fascinating tale of how stories that were disappearing with the elders were saved. The finished work is called The Way of the Warrior: Stories of the Crow People.

There’s a book for my Christmas wish list.

And the book carries the name of all three of the Crows involved with its compilation and distribution.
Henry Old Coyote (the late brother of the author of the first part of the article), compiler
Phenocia Baurle (the granddaughter and second author of the article), editor
Barney Old, Jr. Coyote (translator)

Very cool.