Today’s Christmas Song: Straw is Yellow

Holly Aho at Soldier’s Angel has been posting a Christmas song of the day.

With no offense meant to the holiday or the tune, the song of the day at MY house is “The Straw Carol.” I don’t know all the words. I found some of them at MHSAA Forum.

Straw is yellow, straw is soft.
Who’s that baby lying in the loft?
Straw made a bed on the manger floor,
The shepherds came to worship and adore.

No room in the inn, the innkeeper said,
But Mary and Joseph needed a bed.
Go to the stable if you’re tired and worn,
And there in the Manger baby Christ was born.


Herrod said to his wisest men,
A King’s been born in Bethlehem.
Find that child whatever you do,
I want to go there and worship to.


There was a bridge that started out: The angels sang of peace on earth. I can’t remember the rest of it.

Anyway we were laughing about “straw is yellow, straw is soft.” I’ve sat and crawled on straw and it’s not soft. It may be softer than rocks, but so are many other things much less prickly.

We’re adopting, “Straw is yellow. Straw is soft.” as our bywords for things which are a bit strange. Someone said something in the car today, I don’t know what, and I said, “Well, yes, straw is yellow.” “Straw is soft,” came the response from the backseat.

8 thoughts on “Today’s Christmas Song: Straw is Yellow

  1. Do you know the melody/tune to the beautiful words of this beautiful carol? I would appreciate the notes. thanks.

  2. Verse 3-not a bridge.
    -Uses the same melody as the other verses.

    The angels sang of peace on earth,
    The shepherds ? at the savior’s birth,(missing one word)
    How could a king come from Bethlehem?
    Oh, he was born to save the souls of men.

    I do have the music at work and I am not sure how to write that down. That’s why I don’t know the one word in verse 3.

  3. The Angels sang of peace on earth
    The heavens rejoiced at the Savior’s birth
    How could a king come from Bethlehem
    Messiah’s born to free the souls of men


  4. You just saved the day at our house. My four year old was very frustrated at not remembering the words to this song from school today (and I have never heard it before!) Thanks!!

  5. Thanks so much. Answer to prayer! I had wondered how I would find the lyrics to this song. Tried a number of sites looking for a Christian lyric search engine that might deliver something this old, but to no avail. Out of desperation I just typed in the name as I remembered it and the Lord brought this up! I have plans to see if it can be used for a special occassion at our church assembly in December. Thanks so much. By the way if anyone knows of a search engine that helps find lyrics that are from years back and not contemporary style – i.e. this kind of music – please let me know. Thanks.

  6. I’m SO excited to find this! I loved this song as a kid and am teaching it to mine, but didn’t know the third verse. THANK YOU!

  7. Loved the words, but I need the music. Would love to get it somehow. Thanks, Evelyn

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