FIL meets his future FIL, gets asked about police record

My husband’s Grama De worked with my FIL when he was a teenager. When my MIL went to her parents to ask if she could date FIL, her mother said yes, because FIL was a good, hard worker. Her father was less impressed. Because he’d been overruled, he refused to meet my FIL.

When my MIL and FIL had been dating for about six months, my FIL went to the house to pick her up. “My dad wants to meet you.” My FIL was a bit befuddled. He’d been told stories about her dad and wasn’t sure he was ready for this.

Back into the bedroom they went. (Her dad was an invalid.) MIL introduced FIL to her father who repeated his name and said, “We arrested a guy for rape named [FIL’s name]. Was that you?” My MIL went running out of the room crying. Grama De went after her. So there my FIL was, left in the room with her dad who was asking if a rapist was dating his 15 year old daughter.

FIL said it was an experience.