MIL met FIL, had first kiss

My father-in-law was home before going to college. He was visiting at church with his best friend from high school whose church was having a meeting. So my FIL went with him.

While there, the teenagers were all hanging around together. Everyone was picking on a young teen, age 14, whose hair was blonde. “It’s dishwater blonde.” “Dishwater hair.” She was not happy, so she turned to the visitor, who didn’t know her and might not feel comfortable teasing her, “My hair’s not dishwater blonde, is it?” she asked him. “I don’t know. What’ll you give me?” “It’s a surprise,” she said, since she didn’t have a single bribe in mind. “No, it’s not dishwater blonde,” he said. The teens weren’t willing to pick on the visitor so it ended there.

Later on, after church, the teens were out in the parking lot. Somehow the young not-dishwater blonde girl ended up sitting in the visitor’s car talking with him. “So what’s my surprise?” he asked. She leaned over and kissed him.

Thus my MIL met my FIL and they had their first kiss.