Invited to a Premier

My husband went to a shoot that we thought was a workshop. Turned out to be a contest and a reality TV show. He came back from the shoot emotionally wrung out and distraught. Now we’ve been invited to a premier for the thing. It’s at an Atlanta night club, just my scene. (Sarcasm.) But it might be fun. Unless the show is anything like the four days was. In which case we’ll be paying to go to Hell.

R seems to want to go. The people say that no one looks bad who stayed the whole time. –Some of the paid models left before the thing even really got started.

You will all be VIPs, getting the red carpet treatment (literally) at Compound. If you have been there you know how cool the place is. We will be taking over The Ride. Visually, the place is extremely impressive.

A review of The Compound and The Compound’s website, where you can see The Ride. Why do they have beds in a club? Am I missing something? This is Atlanta, right? Not Las Vegas. Someone explain it to me. I am obviously too old and out of touch to understand.

2 thoughts on “Invited to a Premier

  1. Girl, I do not know what you’re getting yourself into. Also, reading this post helps me not feel as jealous of all my friends who are out “making a go of it” after film school while I’m home nursing vampire. Vampires are not bad. Accidentally filming a reality tv show for 4 days……?

    If you go, I beseech you to find a way to discretely take pictures and blog about it.

  2. I dont’ think they are beds, I think they are couches. But beds could be fun….


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