Cursing on Halo2

Josh did a self-directed study of the number of curse words that he could hear in 33.9 hours of playing Halo2, divided them by word/category, and gives graphs, pie charts, etc. on them.

I knew it wasn’t just the internet corrupting my kids.

On another note I learned tonight that “That 70s Show” is educating them in drug words, like head. (Which I didn’t know the meaning of until tonight.)

Found at File it Under.

1 thought on “Cursing on Halo2

  1. My hubby plays Halo, loves it, and the kids love to watch him play. I asked if there were any way to change the curse word rating in it and as far as we know there is not. So it has to be an after-bedtime-only game in our house, since my kids are at the age to repeat nearly anything they hear!

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