Spam Comments

Come on, someone. Leave me a non-spam comment!

When I got on my blog on Monday, after having been away for three days, I had 104 comments. All of them spam. I’ve been getting 10-30 a day since then.

Update: Overnight I got 43 additional spam comments. Now I know why folks have those funny letters they want put in.

4 thoughts on “Spam Comments

  1. A legitimate comment. Hopefully eventually they’ll realize that the moderated comments don’t show up in the blog.

  2. What kind of settings do you have on in the options? Has the comment blacklist got anything in it? Are you running any spam plugins?

    I think we got maybe less than half a dozen a day across about a half a dozen WP installs.

  3. I really liked your Bible meme and may use it on my blog.

    How’s that for a non-spam comment?

  4. I’m going to have to change the settings or something. This weekend, after 3 days away, I had 3 legit comments and 226 spam.

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