The Premier: Getting There

Our flight was easy to catch, even though we’d been running behind. We didn’t have any trouble at all.

It was a smooth flight and very enjoyable. They served lunch, which was a surprise. I enjoyed the turkey sandwich. I asked for iced tea, enjoying the idea that it was offered. But I forgot we were on our way to Georgia and the iced tea was sweetened. I prefer unsweetened iced tea. If I’m going to have sugar, I want a Dr. Pepper, which wasn’t available all the time in Georgia and wasn’t available at all on the flight.

We got our luggage easily. It was on the carousel when we arrived across the airport on the rail, which was fast and very accessible.

We had rented a car and the rental car place sent a van to pick us up. We drove away from the airport. The service at the Airport Rental Car place was great. They washed the car and vacuumed it out. It was a new Sebring Touring from Chrysler, white with pen stripes and a black top. The guy running the place got us a map to our hotel, gave us clear directions to get back, and watched us when we took off. He called and told us we had missed our turn and how to get back to it after we left. That’s service!

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