Homer Live

Or Homer lives. Or, YEAH! They found King Ajax’s house! 8,000 square feet with thirty rooms. Four stories tall. It’s not too far in time from my book. It makes a lot of what I wrote make a lot more sense. (Ha. History books are helpful, you know.)

ARCHAEOLOGISTS claim to have unearthed the remains of the 3,500-year-old palace of Ajax, the warrior-king who according to Homer’s Iliad was one of the most revered fighters in the Trojan War.
The city of Troy is believed to have fallen about 1180BC — at about the same time, according to Mr Lolos, that the palace he has discovered was abandoned and left to crumble. Ajax, therefore, would have been the last king to have lived there before setting off on the ten-year Trojan expedition.
The palace was built in the style of those of the period, including the vast acropolis at Mycenae.
Several relics of oriental and Cypriot origin were found at the site at Kanakia, such as bronze armour strips stamped with the emblem of Pharaoh Rameses II of Egypt, indicating trade or possible war in the 13th century BC.

These are the parts that I was most interested in, but you can read other cool stuff at the original article in the Times Online UK.