Stem Cell Alternatives

Immature cells from testicles
Lab grown bladder sacs from patient’s own bladder cells

This is in the news. I’m thrilled to know about it.

One of my students in their papers turned in Tuesday said, One of the most important things that therapeutic cloning (from embryos) can do is give bald men back their hair. I asked him if he meant that we should kill babies for vanity.

I am glad there are other alternatives being examined.

And, not to be too un-pc, but maybe the reason they are being examined is that the feds wouldn’t fund rampant embryo destruction and research.

1 thought on “Stem Cell Alternatives

  1. One of the saddest things is that everytime they quote “stem cell research” is coming up with this or that result, it’s usually non-embryonic stem cells that actually get results! But they lump it all together with embryonic to prove their point. Most people don’t even know that there are other stem cells and other stem cell research being done besides embryonic. Imagine that, you don’t HAVE to kill babies to get stem cells!!!

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