Pillows of antiquity

Discovery.com tells of an archaeological find- a pillow.

a 4,000-year-old Egyptian pillow made out of woven plant fibers that were encased in a wax coating.

The rare artifact, which dates to 2055-1985 B.C., suggests Cleopatra and other well-known ancient Egyptians may have snoozed on relatively fluffy pillows that perhaps biodegraded over time, leaving the hard headrests for modern archaeologists to find.

“If sleeping on fiber pillows and bedding occurred, it has not survived well or at all in the archaeological record of the ancient Near East,” said Andy Gize, Judith Seath and Rosalie David, whose research will be published in next month’s Journal of Archaeological Science.

Since the wax on the pillow appears to have come from a Dead Sea petroleum residue, the artifact also could indicate that a community of “foreigners” brought knowledge of petroleum processing and pillow making into the Sedment el-Gebel region of the western Nile Valley.

Now I have a difference between Eiroan’s Port and the Kalhun. The Kalhuns will have these pillows. The Sea People did not.

Thanks to Mirabilis for pointing it out.